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The AFRC administers the Forest Legacy Program under contract with the Alabama Forestry Commission. This program, which AFRC brought to the state, provides federal money to help protect important forest resources threatened with conversion to non-forest uses. Since the AFRC brought the program to Alabama in September of 2002 the Forest Legacy program has been awarded $7,810,688. This money has been matched by 25% Forever Wild funds to purchase five important forest tracts across Alabama.

Of Alabama's 22.9 million acres of forestland, about 95 percent is privately owned. Many of these private forests, containing many resources and managed for multiple objectives, are being developed for housing, retail and manufacturing as the state's population continues to grow.  Alabama's population increased by more than eight percent in the 1990s to 4.45 million people, and is projected to continue to increase.  Although recent data shows an overall increase of forested area, the conversion of large areas of Alabama's forests, including some of our more environmentally important forests, will continue as the state's population increases. 

In 2000 the Governor appointed the Alabama Forestry Commission as the state lead agency to develop and administer a Forest Legacy Program in Alabama. The purpose of the Forest Legacy Program (FLP) is to identify and purchase environmentally important forestland through the use of conservation easements and fee purchases.  Landowner participation is entirely voluntary.  As these resources are managed, many traditional values and uses of the forests will continue to be available. 

Guidelines for the Forest Legacy Program required the state lead agency to prepare an Assessment of Need (AON) in consultation with the Alabama Forest Stewardship Advisory Committee. An Assessment of Need Steering Committee was appointed, which worked with the Alabama Forest Resource Center to develop the Assessment of Need document.  The AON was completed in September, 2002, and contains valuable resource information and measures to identify environmentally important forestlands that are being converted to developed urban areas. 

The following program objectives were established to achieve the overall goal of protecting environmentally important private forestlands in Alabama threatened by conversion to non-forest uses:

  • Prevent conversions of forestlands to other uses
  • Preserve and protect fish and wildlife habitats, significant natural communities, and biological diversity.
  • Preserve and protect riparian habitats.
  • Preserve and protect water quality, fisheries, and water supplies.
  • Preserve and protect natural beauty.
  • Preserve and protect forest-based recreation opportunities.
  • Preserve forestlands for current and future timber production.

Alabama Forest Legacy Projects

Year Tract Name Acres Total Cost Forest Legacy Funding Forever Wild Cost Share
2004 Coon Gulf 656 $666,667 $500,000 $166,667
2004 Jacinto Port 1,143 $4,652,000 $2,963,412 $1,688,588
2005 Post Oak Flat 3,656 $3,400,000 $1,183,000 $2,217,000
2006 Perdido River
Longleaf Hills
3,988 $4,706,000 $1,981,276 $668,058
2006 Bayou Sara 684 $1,780,000 $1,183,000 $1,017,000
2008 Prince 1,648 $1,980,000 $1,185,000 $795,000
2008 N. Q. Adams 1,579 $2,820,000 $1,979,000 $845,000
2009 Swain-Sims 426 $850,000 $637,500 $212,500
TOTALS   13,780 $20,854,667 $11,612,188 $7,609,813

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Assessment of Need (AON) implementation plan is a 4.8 mb file that may take several minutes to download and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 5

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